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Useful Internet Marketing Tools

Every now and then people ask me about the tools I use to automate my business. For an entrepreneur, Finding a tool and to check the quality of service is really a time consuming, costly process. You buy something then after testing it you figure out it’s not what you wanted. It’s frustrating. It happened with me many times. It still does happen. But so far the tools I believe gave me top level of satisfaction and bringing value to my online business I will only share them with you.

Please be aware some of the links below are affiliate links but it does not cost you any additional money. If you decide to make purchase then I will earn a small percentage as commission.  Over the past years and till the point the services are bringing value in my business and hopefully it will do the same for you. Please always check their terms and conditions before you make a decision to get their paid or free services.


Tools to run online business


Useful Internet Marketing Tools Facebook Auto Poster

Facebook Auto Poster from BMID to autopost your ads

Facebook Autoposter: One of the fantastic piece of software I have ever experienced. I have been using the monster since first half of 2014.

Build My Income Daily from Marvin offers varies services in different level of memberships. You will find the Facebook Autoposter under their Pro-Membership level. They have a outstanding compensation plan for those who are marketing their products. You can earn a passive income by using and selling their products. But that is not my concern. Among all of the services the Facebook Autoposter is the one which really bought value in my business.

If you are looking for an autoposter to boost your Internet Marketing on Facebook groups then you can use it. This will cost you $150 (One time I guess) but over the time when you will use it, you will discover it worth more than the money you have spent. Click here to buy the autoposter, I have a video tutorial which I can send to you if you need any help to setup the software.


Useful Internet Marketing Tools - Fiverr

Fiverr: Possibly you can buy any service only for $5 Five dollar zone for me. Honestly speaking you get everything for five dollar from their users. Graphic design, Online marketing, video and animation, music and audio, programmers, advertising, fun and biz are some of their services. There are hundreds of services and you will be amazed thinking how can they afford to sell these services for the cheapest price.

You need a little bit study before you buy service from the users. Best is to read the individual reviews.  Once you find a buyer then make sure on their service page (they call it gig) what they offer and once you find you get what you are looking for then simply you can place an order. The user will deliver your order as they promised on their gig page.

Click here to check out their services and make an account with




Useful Internet Marketing Tools - : Finding a skilled worker made easier There are lots of outsourcing portals online but is one of a kind.

I remember when I had my IT company that time I hired a web developer from India and paid him around $450. But for the same e-commerce site, I changed over $2000 from my client.

You can post any kind of project and pick up a skilled worker for very low price. Most of these workers live in third world countries and looking for extra work online. Again make sure when you are going to hire someone then they have good past reviews. is a very good platform for any skilled worker as well. There are thousands of Freelancers living worldwide and they are making fortune working on this site. Either you are a service provider or you are looking for someone to complete a project for you in large scale, can provide you great solution.

Click here to make an account for yourself and learn how works.


Useful Internet Marketing Tools - Canva : Very easy to use yet powerful Truth is for quick designs most of the time you can not just reply on your designers. I have my designers but it is simply not possible to ask the designer to do little things for me like making a Facebook banner, adding a watermark on my graphics, re-sizing a picture etc. is very handy for this.

In fact, if you notice the images on this blog then you will see watermark of the logo on every picture. I can easily do it using Canva. They have tons of stock photos and design layouts which are easy to use. You can easily band your images and create beautiful designs.

You can visit by clicking here and explore their website. 




Useful Internet Marketing Tools

99 cent articles: Easier way for bloggers

99 cent articles: Google loves content. Article marketing truly is the best investment you can make for your business online. Time and time again it is showing to be one of the best long term and most affordable investments to bring in more traffic and increase SEO rankings.

I have trusted’s team for years with great results. The prices are always less than 99 cents per 100 words! They now offers social media services too.

Click here to visit and check out their services.






Useful Internet Marketing Tools - Send Blaster

SendBlaster: Bulk emailing software to build business

SendBlaster: It is the best bulk email software to manage your mailing lists and set up email marketing campaigns in few easy steps.

Those who can not afford monthly subscription of email autoresponsers, SendBlaster could be a good choice. They have Free and Pro version.

You can create email newsletters, manage your mailing List, sending email campaigns, even analyse emails. They also have wordpress widget which will allow you to use it in your wordpress blog.

Click here to check out the full features.





GoDaddy For Domain And Hosting Service

GoDaddy For Domain And Hosting Service If not the best but one of the most trusted and largest hosting service provider in the planet.

I am a GoDaddy customer since they launched their business. Whenever I need a hosting and domain for my business I do not get a second thought. Once I tried with some other company and the result was panicking.

Customer service is very important when it comes to have a web hosting on the cloud. Instant solution is a must for a running website. A website can go down for any reason or sometimes you may need help from your hosting provider (Ex. domain forwarding, creating sub-domain, domain masking, email setup for your domain etc.) At that time if your hosting provider do not respond you instantly and cannot provide you the solution then each and every second you have chance to lose business from your website.

For Hosting and Domain service I highly recommend GoDaddy. Click here to visit their site and learn more.



Screencast o matic for video recording

Screencast-O-Matic for video recording and Screencast

Screencast-O-Matic: As an internet marketer, video marketing is very important for me. Same as me who are seriously around with this industry will agree with on this term that video marketing is the most effective way to make an image online.

There are a lot of video recording tools out there. It is easy to find one. But when anyone ask me about a screencast software then my only choice is Screencast-o-matic. They have free and pro version. But I do not see any major difference in between two versions except their logo overlay on the free version. Both version works cool.

Click here to watch the video and learn how to use Screencast-o-matic.




Stay in touch as I am updating the blog and will be adding more tools as I go.

6 Responses to “Useful Internet Marketing Tools”

  1. Nice information sir.. and thanks a lot for introducing all this tools.. I have used fiverr. and at the time of first login, i think they are giving 1 service free worth of $5… I have used it.. its tooo good.. Thanks a lot lot for showing all this tools to us..
    I was searching a nice FBAUTOPOSTER too.. I will go with BMID too..

    • Masudul says :

      Yes, Fiverr is awesome. I am still working on this page and will put all the tools and resources information which I use to help my marketing. This will surely give a guide to the viewers. Thanks for you comment.

  2. Elrev says : Reply

    Great to join this blog; it is interesting, with value!

  3. Fahmida Ali says : Reply

    Dear Masudul Vai,
    Would you please adviseme how to get automatic guaranteed signup?

    I need your help in this regard.

    Expecting to hear you.

    Best Regards
    Fahmida Ali

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