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How To Rank A Website In Google With Real Example

How To Rank A Website In Google With Real Example


Do not hire an SEO specialist!!

Almost all real players in the industry have their own blog. They create a blog, write some contents, hire an SEO specialist and they expect to see their website on google search.

The sun rises from the east, you can not change the fact. To me another fact is – Marketers screw them up everyday.

Let me show you how to rank your website in google. But before I do that, let me help you to understand how a website appears on google search.

Example #1: Search “best SEO service”

best seo service

One the first page not a single result is a product website.

best seo service result

The first one appears to be, you have heard about Forbes Magazine. It’s An American business magazine owned by Forbes, Inc. They founded in 1917 and features original articles on Investment, financing, industry, and marketing topics. They registered their website domain on 17th June 1993.

The second one is a directory listing website features their registered SEO companies. Take note they registered their domain on 10th July 2002.

Like the above two, more or less all websites in the first page are either directory listing or review websites.

Example #2: Search “Restaurants in London”

Restaurants in London

Again, not a single result is for a local restaurant.

restaurants in London result

Google pulled out results based on the customers review and these reviews came from the existing review websites like

I can bring you thousands of examples like these…

So what’s happening?

It’s a combination of a lot of things but the important two are…

Google has enormous about of data and they are using it.

You are moving to pay-per-click age.

Google analyzing their massive data and understand the users need. Take of SEO craziness, you won’t disagree with me.

Age and reputation play a big roll. The article released from Forbes has more value for google than the article you created in your newly launched blog.

90% of Goolge’s revenue are coming from advertising, although Facebook pulled ahead of google last year.

References(Click to visit individual reference):
Annual revenue of Google from 2002 to 2014 (in billion U.S. dollars)
Facebook Pulls Ahead Of Google In US Digital Display Ad Revenues
Now consider another example…

Search “contract phone deals”

contract phone deals

The message from Google is very clear. You want to sell something using them? Pay them.
Have a look on the result…

contract phone deals result

Pay baby, pay! Pull out your wallet.

Now the big question: Is SEO Dead?

It is absolutely not died yet. As long as people use Google search Engine, SEO is alive. However it is crap idea now to pay for SEO to bring your website in the google first page. Instead…
# Pay for it (Google Adwords)
# Focus on creating quality contents
# Optimize your website for best ranking.

In the next article I am going to give you a detail insight about creating quality contents and optimizing your website for the best ranking but before consider this example.

Search “How To Block Fake Traffic In PHP”

How To Block Fake Traffic In PHP


The day before yesterday I published this article and here is the result..
How To Block Fake Traffic In PHP result


Yes, you see it right. Search for yourself. Depending on your location, you should see it in any position on Google first page until any new website takes the place of the blog post.

Again, in the next article I will show you how to rank your website in google. You will be able to learn how to get a website on google first page without spending a dollar. Remember it’s called SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately we treat it as GO (Google Optimization). We want to rank and bank for whatever we want. It’s not possible anymore with Google’s update. I will explain you how to increase website ranking.

In the mean time…

Share your thoughts!

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Let us know in the comment below…
# Share your thoughts on how to get ranked on google.
# When was the last time you wanted to rank a website?
# Did you ever pay anyone to increase google ranking?
…let us know!

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4 Responses to “How To Rank A Website In Google With Real Example”

  1. Balaram says : Reply

    All the time I was under the impression that seo is necessary. Again seo is a complicated thing. This makes me lose interest in blogging.
    This article inspired me to take interest in blogging. If I want to share this post on my blog what should I do. I mean what care I should take.

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Balaram,
      Write an original, Search Engines Optimized article. Use this article as reference and create a back link. You are done!

      SEO is necessary as long as search engine alive. You just need to learn to use it to your advantage.

  2. rob says : Reply

    What you say is very true. Big business will always dominate, but the little guy has to be smarter.
    Blindly following the so-called gurus (who are seeking your money after all) is not the way to go. When we see another offer in our inbox, remember to ask some questions:
    Who is behind this ultimately? (Probably not the affiliate who sent you the link).
    What is their real purpose? (Is it to sell you something on commission or help you learn, train or support you?)
    Can I just buy this and expect to get a similar result to that claimed without a big list or big money ad campaigns?
    I am not bagging affiliate marketing or I.M. in general but realise that we are all in this niche to extend our influence, make money or both. Occasionally we will find people who understand relationship building and mentoring like Masudul and when we find such people we should follow them.

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