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Do not Send Traffic To Your Website

get traffic to your website

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is sending traffic to their websites. Increasing visitors on your website is one of the biggest reason you make your website but it’s shocking when I say not to send traffic to your website.

Yes, it is a mistake and 98% people in the industry do this mistake.

Marketing Point

Picture what happens when you do it…

# You spend money on driving traffic
# People visit your website
# They provably spend some times on your website
# They leave and forget about you

The result…

# You lost money for nothing!

It takes 5 to 7 times for someone to buy something. Now picture this (Say your budget is five times more than the first picture)…

# People Visit your website
# They spend five more times on your website
# Few of them provably buy any of your product

Now you make some money, but because your advertising budget was higher hence your return of investment is provably below the original advertising budget. The result…

# You lost five more times money to make few sales.

Technical Point

how to get traffic to your website - Good And BadLet’s not be too technical. Let’s just talk about Bounce Rate. A website bounce rate is, “The percentage of visitors who land on one of your web pages then leave without clicking to anywhere else on the same website. It is a metric for a website.”

You must know about Maps Insiders. It’s a private membership site for my students. So I do not bother about the search engine reputation of this website. When I create marketing materials just to drive traffic I use this website to achieve the goal. As a result you can see on it has massive bounce rate with red alert! On the other hand YouTube which is the number three website based on Alexa Traffic Rank has million times better reputation than Maps Insiders.

It’s funny when someone compare a membership site with YouTube. I bought it to show you a very clear picture of bounce rate of a website. I hope it makes sense now.

From technical view, the result is…

# Your website lose reputation.

After reading till this point, one thing is very clear…

You should not be sending traffic directly to your website.

If you do not send traffic to your website then how do you run your business? Why we talk about driving website traffic?

Every problem has a solution

Do not lose your patience. You need to increase website traffic in order to make sales. But not the way you used to know. I am going to show you the steps by steps how to become a master of increasing website visitors. You will be learning…

# Advanced Traffic Generation Strategies
# Advanced Conversion Strategies
# How to separate yourself from the crowd and position yourself strategically.
# How to Engineer your marketing so that people chase you to buy your product.
# You will learn about categories of marketers:

#1 Traffic to website
#2 Traffic to Lead/Optin Page
#3 Traffic to Pre-framed Lead/Optin page

Fortunately you are not going to be any one of the above types of marketers. These are old fashioned styles. You will be a marketer with INVISIBLE LEVERAGE which brings the special category…

# Marketer with invisible leverage.

It’s not a rocket science to drive traffic and make sales, it’s not a rocket science to be an online marketer as well. Guess what…

You Can do this!

How do I know? I was one of you once. I walked though the same shoes you are wearing now.

Stay tuned and look for my next post! Because I am going to release all these as a series of tutorials and this will be open for everyone on this blog. In the mean time…

Share your thoughts!

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Let us know in the comment below…
# Do you always drive traffic into your website?
# If you diver traffic into your website then which category of marketer do you consider yourself?
# How much money do you spend on driving website traffic?
…let us know!

4 Responses to “Do not Send Traffic To Your Website”

  1. Jillur Rahman says : Reply


    Hope you are fine.

    Ami akhona apnader Business vuje ne…



  2. Argha says : Reply

    Hello Mr. Masudul,

    I liked the way you are doing in the internet marketing. I am already in trafficmonsoon. I liked your capture page in clixsense and other places. Keep it up. Need your support in payza balance. We might contact in facebook. I would send you a friend request. I hope you would accept the request. Thanks.

    • Masudul says :

      Thank you Argha. I appreciate your feedback. It means a lot for us. Of course you can send me a fried request on my Facebook, I will gladly accept it.

      I hope you already checked the the options to get involve with the team. If not then please read the post “Your Door or Doors”.
      This is the URL:

      Choose a suitable option for you to get started. We encourage our visitors to get involve from the blog. So that team members get signups.

      Every team member get the same training and materials once they get started. So you will be good with anyone in the team.

      Thank you.

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