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Personal Branding – No Longer An Option

by / Tuesday, 10 November 2015 / Published in Blog Post, Internet Marketing, Masudul, Personal Branding, social media advertising
Personal Branding - No Longer An Option

Few days ago I was talking to someone on Facebook. Take notes…

# The profile has a girl’s picture.

I am still single LOL. I went to see the about page…

# It says – Places She’s Lived.

Good thing :-) , I went to see the friend list, I need to see my possible competitors (men) …

# Three friends including me! No one has any profile picture (except me).

Oh snap! This is a fake profile! Someone must have bad intention and trying to waste my time. It does not take more than 30 seconds to realise who you are talking to.

This person is a new member in our team. Lives in India and a SEO specialist. His problem:

“I sent 221 emails and only two people joined in the business but they are not working.”

My reply, “Why do you think they are not working?”
His answer:

They thought I am a girl so they joined the business to chat with me.

Dude! you got your answer. Sort out yourself then come and talk to me.

Personal Branding

You are an entrepreneur and entrepreneurs need to have presentation skills. You need to build your reputation gradually.

In the process of building reputation you need to be yourself, be authentic. Make yourself visible to others. Self development is very important. Spend more time on building YOU rather than spending all the time to build a business.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding from person like Gary  Vaynerchuck

What is branding in marketing? In corporate marketing the companies create logo which include symbol and/or text. If you carefully look on the pictures on this blog, you will see the mouse pointer in circles on every image. This is the identity. When people will see this logo in anywhere, they will understand it came from Revenue Sharing With Us blog. It is about creating awareness. In short term period you will not see results but in long term this is your identity. This will bring you customers in your business.

How to brand yourself? Fact is, you are not a corporate company. You are a person. As a marketer you are your identity. At the beginning of this post you have seen the result of not branding your personality.

People Join You, Not Your Company

It is really easy to create your personal appearance in social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn all are available for you. Facebook along has over a billion of users. We all have Facebook accounts but a little we focus on actively branding ourselves. You do not need to be a branding specialist to present yourself on social media.

When I am writing this post I have now 238 referrals in my business, in just one month! I do advertise massively but advertising is only a part of marketing. When I make a campaign, I do not do it for business I do it to expose myself. People learn and know about me, see my works, they trust me from the results I have produced and finally they decide to join me!

Success Leaves Clues

What happens when you advertise business? It is pretty simple. People search for the same business and join to someone like me who are producing results.

Google is the best teacher of all. Use google, observe successful people, look around yourself and open your mind. You will see every successful person is branding themselves. You may know Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone. Other day I discovered they are selling personal banding courses on Udemy.

If you come to this point reading the post and if you are new then do not get disappointed. People will join your business once you start focusing on promoting YOU.

Start it from here. Go to your Facebook and put your own profile picture (if you don’t have one already). Make a Post on your wall something about yourself. Give people reasons to join you. Build your reputation gradually.

You define your own success.

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Let us know in the comment below…
# Do you always hide yourself behind a computer?
# Does this article give you a little insight about personal branding?
# Do you have your own picture on your Facebook?
# Have you ever found a business online then looked for someone who is producing results and finally joined him/her? (I DID!!!)
…let us know!

5 Responses to “Personal Branding – No Longer An Option”

  1. Md. Abdul Halim says : Reply

    This blog is helping me to learn a lot about internet marketing.

  2. Abu Sayem Md. Tawhid says : Reply

    What is branding in marketing?

  3. kabiri islam says : Reply

    Need help!

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