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Sales Funnel and Online Advertising Costs

Online Advertising Costs By Masudul

Let me help you to understand the gravity of being a part of this blog then we will talk about Online Advertising Costs for businesses.

It’s not just a blog, it’s a rotator blog for the entire team. Every time a visitor visits the blog, the referral links of the team members become active in rotation basis. No one miss getting sign ups in their business as long as they are in the team.

3129 internet marketers are driving traffic everyday from different sources on this blog. Few of them are capable to drive 10,000 of visitors on this blog. But let’s just say everyday each of these marketer drives only 100 visitors. So here is the total…

62,580 visitors per day on this blog and it has a monthly minimum of 1,877,400 visitors!

Let me show you a demonstration. Assume you are with the Zero Dollar Investment Strategy. And you have all these businesses:
# My Advertising Pays
# Traffic Monsoon
# My Paying Ads

First Visitor

Let’s say you are the first visitor of today’s 62,580 visitors, right now right on this page.

Your sponsors are now:
# My Advertising Pays : Masudu Kabir
# Traffic Monsoon : Masudu Kabir
# My Paying Ads : 53622 – project2018 (name – Masudu Kabir)

Click on the individual business names! Try it yourself!
Take a note of the above sponsors. Now refresh the page. You become the second visitor. Above referral links has been replaced by other team members referral links!

Every single person in the team gets their chance. Not one or two times, it’s unlimited times. It’s randomly distributed to the all members.

See the big picture. To get 1 signup daily for your business you will need 200 visitors where you are personally driving only 20 visitors! Obviously, the rest 62,560 visitors are coming from the team.

sales-funnelRevenue Sharing With Us blog is a sales funnel with daily 62,580 visitors itself!

You have heard about sales funnels. Almost all hight ticket business has their sales funnel. It starts from low cost product on the front end and end up with the most expensive product to make recurrent revenue for the business. You buy a front end product, get the funnel. You get excited and may be you buy other products in the funnel as well. You know the funnel will make sales for you on auto pilot. Little you knew that…

…You need to spend a lot of money on buying traffic. You try a little marketing here and there. No massive traffic, no visitors, no sales! You end up losing money for the products you bought to sell unless it is something that give value in your life.

Driving traffic into a business costs a lot of money. Not just it, if you do not know how to market to monetise the traffic then eventually you end up losing more money.

Online Advertising Costs

How much money it cost to drive traffic? Let me give you another picture…
Let’s talk about Facebook Advertising. Facebook has BILLIONS of visitors. With Facebook you can reach to laser targeted audience. Say, you want to drive 1,000 visitors a day in your sales funnel. Not more than 25% will get interested, say 30%. These people will subscribe though your capture page. From these subscribers not more than 5% will be interested to buy the product you want to sell.

Go and buy a solo ad for 100 clicks. Quality visitors will cost you minimum $0.50 per click. You end up spending $50!

Let’s calculate the money you spend a day to drive 1,000 visitors…
For a newbies, if one lead cost $5 (FIVE dollar), I will not be surprised! Try creating a Facebook Pay Per Click (Facebook PPC ) campaign, you will be on the same page like me.

Top marketers spend average $0.19 to $0.35 PER LEAD on Facebook advertising.

…let’s say $0.25 per lead:
# 30% interested people from 1,000 visitors bring you 300 subscribes.
# 5% from 300 subscribers will buy your front end product. You make 15 sales.
# $0.25 per lead for 300 subscribers you spend $75 per day.

Your $75 per day spending on Facebook made you 15 sales!

These 15 sales will bring you some money depending on the price of the product.

Paid advertising online is always like betting on live sports.

…you have to gamble to make sales. Some advertising will work some will not. How about not making any sale from the $75 you have spent a day! What if your advertising does not work but you keep running it for a week?

In a week you will end up losing $525 for nothing! Luckily if you make few sales then still you are spending $525.

Advertising industry is a TRILLION dollar industry and every day Eight BILLION dollar is being spending on advertising.

Corporate businesses spend 70% of their revenue on advertising for brand awareness. The advertising market is so competitive that everyday hundred thousands of businesses are closing down.

No more gambling with paid advertising online

After getting involve with any revenue sharing business, when you advertise your product on their massive traffic, you literally do not lost the money you spend on advertising. Not only this, if you are good at recruiting then by referring others you can make good commissions. It a WIN WIN for everyone. The company makes money and you do not lost money that you put for advertising.

Get started with revenue sharing businesses and build your online business empire.

Enjoy the benefit of having Zero Dollar Investment Strategy. Click here and visit Getting Started page now!

Leverage the monthly minimum 1,877,400 visitors of this blog to get automated signups in your revenue sharing businesses.

Share your thoughts!

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Let us know in the comment below…
# Have you ever used a Sales Funnel? If then what was your Online Advertising Costs?
# How many sells you were able to make?
# Did you ever try Facebook advertising? If then how much cost per lead you were able to achieved?
…let us know!

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