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Business Research And Homework

by / Tuesday, 03 November 2015 / Published in Blog Post, Getting Started, Internet Marketing, Masudul, Promotions
Business Research And Homework By Masudul

In the last three and half weeks I have 188 personal referrals with total of 219 team members when I am writing this post.

After I joined with My Advertising Pays in 2014 since then I have 213 personal referrals. I have positioned myself with the top 100 affiliates worldwide on their leader-board. What is the difference in between the 2% and 98% person people in this industry?

It comes to business research and homework. When we do business research, different people follow different methods so do on their homework, after/before getting involved with a business. Let me explain you my business research and homework methods. This is the story behind the Zero Dollar Investment Strategy.

After I joined Traffic Monsoon, I took few days to do my research. My research includes…
# Company, mostly the owner’s background research: Yes, Charles Scoville had some past bad reputation with some other businesses but that was not his fault. No company can survive when payment processors do not want to deal with them. But with Traffic Monsoon, payment processors have no issues at all. My research result – 100% satisfied.

# Website Framework: Core script, built from the scratch. They did not rent/hire third party companies. This may not make sense to you if you are not an IT specialist. Think about Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing etc. All these websites built from the scratch. The owners did not buy a script from a company and built an empire with these websites. Either they built it by themselves or they had/have a big in-house IT team. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the TOP programmer and see his IT team for Facebook. Now a days buying a script from any company does not cost more than $500.00 but go and try to hire a developer. Ask them to build an application for you from the scratch. You and your IT team will only know the functions like – where it breaks, where it needs to work in the future, which database field returns what value etc. When you buy a script you know nothing about the source pages of the script. The only part you see is the front end design and functionalities. The front end functionalities run by the script you write in the source. Developing an application from the scratch cost 1000 times more than buying a script from a company. Sorry about putting all these IT terms which is not making good sense for you if you do not have an IT background. You must know I had my graduation from Computer Science, worked as a software developer for couple IT companies and I had my own IT business with 20 programmers. Anyway bottom line… My satisfaction level is 100% again.

# Website Functionality: Still they need to improve in a some sectors like registration page (very poorly designed and not very user-friendly and interactive), database field checking before insertion (in a case study I found, two accounts have been created using same email address. Their script do check unique value for email but for that case there must be some skip on the php script), visitor tracking when someone click an ad especially on the CashLinks (they did mention this on their FAQ that they are working on it). There are more poor functions they have on their script but over all it is very good. My satisfaction on their website functionality is not 100% but nor below 90%

# Customer Service: Doesn’t bother me. This is not a physical institution which needs a very well decorate front end office with a beautiful receptionist to answer your questions. Every company has customer service good or bad. They have an average customer service to be honest.

Before joining a business especially a business which run by a website, I do the above research which proves its longevity. If your website framework is bad, if your functionalities are poor then in one point your system will crash no matter how good and loyal administrative you have in your company.

Once I have done my business research and figured out I am going with Traffic Monsoon, then I stared my homework. It took me over a month. My homework includes…
# Buying some services and checking all the features they have promised.
# Observing other’s who are already doing good job with Traffic Monsoon.
# Working with creative ideas.
# Creating marketing materials applying different ideas.
# Testing the marketing materials by sending to my list (in small scale) to see which one works better.
# Also testing few paid advertising (also in small scale) in other platform to track the conversion rate.
# Tuning/tweaking ideas and marketing materials to get better results. And keep doing the same until I find the best one which works 100%

It took me over one month before I launch the 100% proven Zero Dollar Investment Strategy to earn $2000/month.

…and in this long one month period I had not more than 10 referrals. But since I launched the idea which is working 100% percent from the homework I did, I have now…

188 personal referrals in the last three and half weeks, also 219 team members (which includes my referrals referral and their referrals etc.) at the time when I am writing this article

You see the power of doing homework? When I am writing this post (please see the publish date) and before I launch the blog Revenue Sharing With Us (you will read the post of-course after I launch the blog) – I will have more team members in the team!

And all these are happening before even launching the blog! Now think about it, this blog is a traffic source for the team members. If the Zero Dollar Investment Strategy can bring 219 team members in three and half weeks without even the massive traffic source from this blog then after launching the blog when these 219 team members and while you are reading this post the total 3,129 members is driving traffic together then where do you think your business will go?

62,580 visitors per day on this blog and it has a monthly minimum of 1,877,400 visitors!
If 0.5% visitors convert into signups then the daily number of signups is 313, which will be distributed to all the team members.
To get 1 signup daily for your business you will need 200 visitors where you are personally driving only 20 visitors! Obviously, the rest are coming from the team.

Sounds logical to you? Click here to see the number of visitors are sending by the members.
Even if you are not personally able to drive massive traffic on your Revenue Sharing business, sending only 20 visitors will bring you 1 signup daily!

It is really important to do your business research before or after taking it. And once you are satisfied with your business research then you need to do your homework. Now a person like me can create and test materials easily but there are 98% people out there (may be you are one of them) do not know how to do homework like me and create materials.

…now here comes why to get involve with a team who follow proven strategies.

Work with a team and leverage the power of the team work to create massive result for your business. Choose your team wisely!
Get started TODAY with 100% proven Zero Dollar Investment Strategy!

Read the post: Your Door Or Doors – click to visit (must read before you step forward for registration).

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Let us know in the comment below, what types of research do you do before or after taking an online business. Do you do your own homework? If then what types of materials you create and what strategy do you follow. Let us know!

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