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Your Door or Doors

by / Monday, 02 November 2015 / Published in Blog Post, Getting Started, Internet Marketing, Masudul
Your Door or Doors by Masudul

So, thank you very much. Ideas! Yes, an idea can make a big difference in your life. Problem is we are too busy to sort out our existing problems. We do not have spare time to think from outside of the box. You already have seen the results. Your current position reflects your financial achievement.

If you do not intend to do something different today, then tomorrow will be the same day for you. Don’t sit back and expect that things will be changed one day, with the usual things. This day will never come in your life. Keep your existing problems aside. Figure out how to resolve them while you are making a move to accept a new opportunity.

Don’t just accept the new opportunity, work for it. Tell yourself…

“Guess what! I am done, I am going to do something different today and I will work for it until I go there…”

…and feel the heat when you say it to yourself.

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28 Responses to “Your Door or Doors”

  1. Touhid says : Reply

    It’s an idea that can provide a huge advantages in your business. The Door is not only a door here but also a door which can be the opening of unlimited possibilities. It’s going to work as a auto referral system for its members which will bring traffic, leads and at last signups. Beyond expectation!

  2. Md. Aminur rashid says : Reply

    yes, really it is a great opportunety and we will stay in touch with you and our team with the exclusive updates of the blog, and make a big advantages in our business.

  3. Mosharraf Hossain says : Reply

    it is really a great opportunity to know update about different things from one blog.

  4. mohammad muhshin says : Reply


  5. Tariqul Islam says : Reply

    This is completely mind-blowing idea….

  6. shah alam says : Reply

    Dear sir, This is the best way to income online, I want to start with traffic monsoon, but how can i start and how can I learn? A to Z please. Thanks

    • Masudul says :

      Very simple! First register with Traffic Monsoon from this blog. Whoever will be your sponsor, contact with them. They will send you the training registration page. Once you get the training registration page then apply for training. Get full training then start making money with Traffic Monsoon.

  7. rakib7343 says : Reply

    I am very happy.

  8. ovye says : Reply

    You meant if i register any of the business with you, i will be getting 2 referals every day? or just a limited number of referals?

    i love what you guys are doing here ..keep it up

    • Masudul says :

      Thank you ovye,
      There are no cap like one or two referrals. It’s unlimited. Getting 2 referrals is for illustration. As a team member your referral links will be active on the blog. So when a visitor will decide to join any business then you can have them as your referrals like the other team member do.

  9. Elias says : Reply

    Dear Masudul and the team,

    Your blog is interesting and I want to be part of it. Though I am already active member in MPA and TM, am not active yet in MAP but registered free few month ago as on the way while searching online business opportunities. Though, I don’t have referrals for these of my businesses except very few of my friends on MPA.

    Looking forward to venture with you !

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Elias,
      We appreciate your interest. If you do not have options for MAP, MPA and TM means if you are already active members in all these businesses then unfortunately you have to wait until we active the paid membership which is yearly $499.00

      Make sure you have subscribed with our newsletter to get the update once we active the paid membership feature.

  10. I am with TM and MPA let me know how you can help me

  11. Lorna says : Reply

    Hello, I am already in Tm. From what I am understanding, if I join MPA & buy 100 ad packs, I will be a full member to your advertising and also be able to get referrals to TM and MAP? Also, if I get 100 ad packs in MPA, do I also have to buy ad packs in MAP or can I join it as a free member to be a full member?

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Lorna,
      Thanks for your interest. Yes you are right, if you are already with TM then choose either MPA or MAP to get involve with the team. You will be good to place your referral links for all the business we do.

  12. Lorna says : Reply

    Hi Masudul, Thank you for responding so quickly. I will do that soon. I did just read that MAP isn’t in the USA anymore, so thinking we can’t join that one.

    • Masudul says :

      Unfortunately, if you are from USA then yes you can not start with MAP. In these case you will need to wait until we activate the yearly paid subscription.

  13. ch kamran says : Reply

    i alredy the member of traffic monsoon with my friend reffel which is not the part of your team.. so what i do to join youy team.

    • Masudul says :

      Please read the post above… you can either choose MPA or MAP and need to fill up the requirements as well to be with the team….

      Hope this helps

  14. ch kamran says : Reply

    but i don,t have payment to pay.. is there no option to join free at MPA whith your team

  15. travis green says : Reply

    like what ya teaching and proven success this is powerful I am interested door 3 bonus deal beins I am already involved with TM advertising pays look forward to speaking to ya and learn more.

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Travis,
      Awesome. Please carefully read the full article again to avoid any misunderstanding plus on the marge page (before the registration page) there is a video Explains step 1 and step 2. Please watch that video as well to avoid errors.

      I will see you soon!

  16. Md Rezaul Karim says : Reply

    It sounds cool, still we people are skeptical! So many disturbing experiences we have in Bangladesh regarding online businesses! Let’s see again….

  17. eleas haider says : Reply

    hay Bro I have just open an account with traffcmoonsoon but I never work there properly. Please help me and give me proper training.

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