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Members are receiving GUARANTEED SIGNUPS in their own businesses.

We are a group of online marketers. Some are hugely successful and highly skilled, others are still working on achieving their goal. The reason to run this revenue sharing business blog is to support team members to get SIGN UPs in their own businesses.

…how we do this:

3,129 internet marketers driving website traffic into Revenue Sharing With Us blog.

…where are the traffics coming from:

# Social media and Search Engines: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

# Revenue Share Advertisings: My Advertising Pays, Traffic Monsoon, My Paying Ads

# PTC websites: ClixSense, Neobux

# Advertising Agencies: AdHitzs, Google AdSense

And more sources…

…what do you get from this blog:

# Unlimited source of traffic in your Revenue Sharing Businesses means MORE SIGNUPs.

# Step by step training on how to dominate your Revenue Sharing Businesses.

# 100% proven Zero Dollar Investment Strategy to earn $2000/month

# Exclusive right to put your referral link under the business names on this blog.



…what is the secret souce:

Please visit the website Traffic Monsoon by clicking on the name. Now click on the menu which is for Signup. As your enroller’s name you will see Masudu Kabir. Reload this About page and then visit the website Traffic Monsoon again. Keep doing the same thing for few more times until you understand what is REALLY happening.
A light bulb flashing in your mind?
All these days you heard about website rotators. The rotators are a form of software that rotates your affiliate links that visitors on your website see each time the page is refreshed. We also call it a link rotator. The common practice of a link rotator is to split test your squeeze or landing pages. It costs money when you are in need of a good link rotator for your internet marketing business.
To see yourself please visit these service providers: TPM Rotator, Interstitial Ads Rotator, Easy Banner Ad Rotator, Quality Click Control, My Click Boss, Affiliate Ad Rotator and Rotator Plus etc. Please notice the price differences which of-course serve different levels of quality.

Welcome to the world of Revenue Sharing With Us blog. It’s not just a blog, it’s a rotator blog for you. 3129 internet marketers are driving traffic everyday from different sources (listed above) on this blog. Few of them are capable to drive 10,000 of visitors on this blog. But let’s just say everyday each of these marketer drives only 20 visitors. So here is the total…

62,580 visitors per day on this blog and it has a monthly minimum of 1,877,400 visitors!
If 0.5% visitors convert into signups then the daily number of signups is 313, which will be distributed to all the team members.
To get 1 signup daily for your business you will need 200 visitors where you are personally driving only 20 visitors! Obviously, the rest are coming from the team.

Sounds logical to you? Click here to see the number of visitors are sending by the members.
Even if you are not personally able to drive massive traffic on your Revenue Sharing business, sending only 20 visitors will bring you 1 signup daily!

…how will you become a part of this blog:

Now you are thinking, what is the catch? Of-course there is a catch for everything. And here the catch for us is, to have you in our team!
To be a part of our team is this: 100% proven Zero Dollar Investment Strategy to earn $2000/month!
It is the door for you to get 1 signup per day in your business. Think about building a business where you do not pay a single penny and your referrals as well, but all are making money using the Zero Dollar Investment Strategy.
Building a team was never easy until I launched this Zero Dollar Investment Strategy.

Hi! My Name is Masudul Kabir,
On behalf of the team members I welcome you on the Revenue Sharing With Us blog.
# I am one of the top 100 affiliate in My Advertising Pays business worldwide. In Traffic Monsoon, I have personally sponsored 165 members in three weeks after I officially launched the Zero Dollar Investment Strategy.
# My Facebook marketing campaigns bring me leads for $0.04, on average it is $0.09 to $0.10 per lead. Top marketers in this industry spend on average $0.19 to $0.35 per lead from highly competitive but very effective Facebook paid marketing.


What I was and what I am now, you can learn everything from my personal blog Passive Income With Masudul. But here on the Revenue Sharing With Us blog, let me help you to get singups in your business with other 3,128 online marketers.

You already have the big picture of what you get from this blog for your business. Now it’s time for you to get involve with my Zero Dollar Investment Strategy.

Do not miss the chance for yourself to bring your business to the 62,580 visitors a day on this blog.

Get started today!

100% proven Zero Dollar Investment Strategy to earn $2000/month!
Click here and visit the Getting Started Page NOW!


79 Responses to “About”

  1. prabir says : Reply

    Dear Masudul,

    I have already registered in traffic monsoon with your link, frankly I do not understand how to proceed exactly.

    Now I found another post for revenue sharing, pl. tell me exactly what I have to do?


    N.B : Individual email id need to get clear concept not a autoresponder please

    • Masudul says :

      Thanks Prabir…
      Please contact to your sponsor with your Traffic Monsoon username and ask for training application.

    • dams0664 says :

      Hi Masudul,
      I’m sory but I’m french, and I don’t understand english you now…
      I think your blog will be a great success too, but I don’t think I can follow with my level in english
      do you now if there is a french man with can I talk about this??
      thanks you

    • Masudul says :

      Unfortunately I do not see any France speaker right now however, soon we will install multilingual plugin and hopefully that will help you.

      Stay tuned and thanks for your interest.

  2. Want to participate

  3. Md Monirul Islam Shamim Khan says : Reply

    How will I Login to this website? I’m your team member.

  4. That is amazing. I am ready to go….

  5. Darka says : Reply

    I’m sorry I miss tonights webinar :( Thank you Masudul for everything what you do for us, your Team.
    Did I mentioned? Your blog is excellent (Y)

    Thanks again

  6. Agnes nieves says : Reply

    I would like to thank Masudul Kabir for everything he is doing and has done to help us to reach our goals. Masudul is a great teacher he is patient, kind, unselfish, reachable and is always thinking of ways to help his team members to succeed. All of his teaching tools are easy to follow and very beneficial. I am confident that this new blog will be a great success. Together we can achieve much, the sky is the limit. “Fired up ready to go”!

    • Masudul says :

      Thank you Agnes, it means a lot to me. My mission is to see EVERY SINGLE team members are achieving their dream. No matter what background, what skills they have I want to support them to be on the TOP. I am also FIRED UP!

  7. Judy Harrison says : Reply

    I am really excited about the blog. I think this is an excellent resource. Thank you so much for your support and willingness to help all of us reach our goals. I am supercharged and ready to go.

  8. surepa03 says : Reply

    I am a member now. Thank you Masudul

  9. P V Ariel says : Reply

    Hi Masudul,
    Good to meet you today at TM pages ad pages
    I just heard the video demo and landed here.
    Good to know about your activities and the mutual
    help you are providing to your customer.
    Though I am already a member at TM and earning
    I would like to more about the other activities and happy
    to join with you.
    Will come back again to read more
    Keep informed
    Have a wonderful and profitable week ahead
    Best Regards

    • Masudul says :

      Hi PV,
      Thanks to stop by and expressing interest on our activities… There are so many exciting things are going on with our team. I am sure you would love to be a part of us. Please check the Getting Started page, in other words the article “Your Doors or Door” to find the alternative options to be with the team. Join from the blog and be part of the team.

      See, this is powerful! Anyone – whoever with the team, has the chance to have you as their referral and THE SAME WILL HAPPEN WITH YOU :-)

      See you on the top.

  10. Mizanur Rahman says : Reply

    Dear Masudul ,

    I have already registered in traffic monsoon with your link, but after getting registered my account has been blocked.

    Now could u plz tell me exactly what I have to do?


    • Masudul says :

      Hi Mizan,
      Please make sure you have applied for secret training. If not then please email your sponsor to send you the training application link. Once your training application will be approved then in the members page you will find a video which explains how to deal with block account issue with Traffic Monsoon. These is nothing to be worried about block account as it could happen for several reasons which you can resolve very easily once you go though the full training.

  11. hannan says : Reply

    I already joined TraficMonsoon. What can I do to work under you?

    • Masudul says :

      Contact with your sponsor to provide you the training application form. Once you get the application form then apply. If we find your sponsor is with the team then your application will be approved to get involve with the team.

  12. ovye says : Reply

    I was already a register memeber of traffic monsoqon before i see your blog. how can i be a part of you guys?

  13. red says : Reply

    Pity I found out about this on a TM page where I am already a member. You need an offer for existing members so they do not have their accounts blocked when they try and sign up to a second TM account to take advantage of your system.

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Red,
      No, never create a second account with TM unless you decide to close your first account. In the blog we have other options… Please check Getting Started page and there you will find three more options to get involved with the team.

      I hope you can take the advantage of the full package we have on this blog.

  14. Alice Mafabi says : Reply

    Thanks for this information.
    I have an account with TM already, but would be glad to be part of your blog

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Alice,
      You are always welcome. Please visit the Getting Started page to see your available options to be a part of the team.

      I will see you inside very soon.

  15. Alice Mafabi says : Reply

    I am already member of TM. How can I have opportunity to use some of your products.

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Alice,
      Thanks for your interest. Please visit Getting Started page to see available options for you to get full benefit as a team member and get started from there.

  16. Russ says : Reply

    I was trying to change sponsor so here is the support ticket number,91409.
    Originally I wanted to register under Rajib Ahmed Polash. His username is asif7393.

    Please change my sponsor name as asif7393
    Looking forward for the change before I start my work.


    This is what I sent to support.

    • Masudul says :

      Lets wait for them to do the update. Once you will see the change, then email me with your sponsor’s username and your username. I will approve your training application if I have not done it yet.

  17. tom says : Reply

    i signed on at TM, but my sponsor is a dick. he doesnt really want to help the beginners who don’t have much money. crazy thing is you can’t change sponsor. or do you know away so i can change sponsors.

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Top,
      Thanks for writing me. Unfortunately, you can not change sponsor however you can close an account if you want to. You will need to contact with TM support. You can create a new TM account but bare in mind information like registration email, payment processor information can not be the same and also you can not keep two accounts with traffic monsoon.

      Since TM, MAP, MPA all are same kind of businesses – I highly recommend choose any other option to get involve with the team. Either way you can add your Traffic Monsoon referral link. Please visit the page “Getting Started” for more info.

  18. Brenda says : Reply

    I have joined Traffic Monsoon under someone else already. Therefore I cannot join under your team and blog? Wish I could have done so.


    • Masudul says :

      Hi Brenda,
      It’s not only with Traffic Monsoon. We have other options to get you with the team. Please check the Getting Started page to learn about the other options.

  19. kaaze says : Reply

    I am already a member of traffic monsoon my paying ads to get your training class how it is possible or do i have to sign up under u again ?

    • Masudul says :

      If you are not active in both or any of the business and want to get a fresh start then you can which is up to you. However there are other ways which is joining with My Advertising Pays or having yearly paid subscription (this feature is not active yet).

      Please visit Getting Started page and learn more about it. If you make a decision to get involve with the team with any of the options then please do the full process from the same page of the blog.

      Hope this help.

  20. Sunil Kulkarni says : Reply

    Hi I am Already registered member of Traffic monsoon. Can I join your team now..?

    • Masudul says :

      You are more than welcome… Please contact with your sponsor to know if they are with our team. If not then, I suggest to check the Getting Started page to learn about the other options and get started from there.

    • Grantley Williams says :

      Hi Masudul, I am the sponsor of Sunil KulKarni. He is with Traffic Monsoon (registered) but his account is not activated. He did contact me to say that he has tried to activate his account but so far he has been unsuccessful. What can we do to help him?

    • Masudul says :

      Please ask him if he has given a valid email address. Another way could be request for activation link again from the login page in Traffic Monsoon.

  21. Engr Al Amin says : Reply

    Hi Masudul Bhai
    I have registered TM and MPA. I am working TM but I could not work with MPA. Please give me a guide line about MPA.

    • Masudul says :

      If you are with the team then contact with your sponsor. Most of the case if you carefully take the training then you will find most of the things are easy to understand and follow.

  22. Hi I am already a registered member TM and earning but unable to get referral. My sponsor is also struggling with the same problem, and she is not with your team, so can I get a Training application form?

    • Masudul says :

      Please check other option to get yourself started with the team. This will surely help you to get referrals as the team members do. Please visit Getting Started page to learn more about how to get involve with the team.

  23. Eid says : Reply

    If I want to pay $500 in front in TM but I need you help me by getting referrals; how can we proceed?!

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Eid,
      The first thing you do is to get started. Please visit the page Getting Started and know your options to be a team member.

      Once you become a team member then you will go through with step by step training. The training will work for you as guidelines. The way you stumble upon on this blog and learn about our work, same way other’s are coming as well and getting involved with the team. Since as a team member your referrals links will be active on the blog, you will also get referrals in your businesses from the blog.

      We are here working as a team. Once blog, one link, entire team. Click here to check our progress only from the blog.

      Hope that makes sense. Looking forward to see you inside.

  24. Tom says : Reply

    Hi there !
    Your System was recommended to me by Star Mehedi , Can I use this if I am already a TM member ?

  25. Walter says : Reply

    I am already in TM.
    Because I am in US, we got kicked out of MAP.
    Can I join your 3rd program and join your team?

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Walter,
      Thanks for your interest. Please click here to visit the getting started page.

      Looks like you do not have much options left as because you are from US and you are already with TM. However you can get involve with MPA or by the paid subscription. In order to paid subscription we will active it in a week or two. You will get email notification about any update if you subscribe with our newsletter. Please click here to subscribe for the newsletter.

  26. Actionteam says : Reply

    I need to know how to join this site I no see anyplase to register

  27. Babs says : Reply

    For now, it seems I am unable to do anything. I was already with Traffic Monsoon, however i was going to join under someone else with My Paid Advertisement. However, I found out that i cannot purcahse the $100 worth of adpacks required because of issues with paypal. Please can someone advise what to do?

    • Masudul says :

      Hi Babs,
      Yes MPA is having issues with Paypal but hopefully they will resolve it soon however please click here to subscribe for the blog updates as we are going to active the paid subscription in a week or two.


  28. Balaram Dhotre says : Reply

    I wish to join as a paid member as I am already a member in MPA, MAP AND TM.

    I tried to register in TM as a FREE member. There may be IP issues, so left in between.

    If you are not starting paid membership can I register now in my son’s name through your blog.


    Balaram Dhotre

  29. Irfan khan nabin says : Reply

    I want learn this program……..

  30. Fayshal Alam says : Reply

    i want to work this site.

  31. Hamim Rahman says : Reply

    Yes now i m a member.. but now what i do?

  32. krapal says : Reply

    What things is require for payout

  33. George Maruma says : Reply

    I really appreciate the training that you are imparting on internet marketers who are so desirous to generate massive income online. The beauty of your programs is that they don’t cost any money, This will go a long way in changing the complexion of our game of survival on this mother earth. My question is that I have my website, which I would like to promote. My sponsor is Stone Evans of Plug-In-Profit Sites (PIPS) and is the one who connected my website to PIPS. Please help me I want sign ups from the visitors of my website.

    • Masudul says :

      Hi George,
      Thanks for you comment. First you need good traffic sources. Click here to see my recommendations. Second you will need a good sales funnel that will convert the visitors into sales. You can consult with your sponsor in PIPS he/she may help you on making a sales funnel for that business.

      Hope the info helps

  34. minhaz uddin says : Reply

    A good system which provides easy steps to take your advertising to new heights

  35. islam says : Reply

    hey masudul..i am here at this page i have subscribed.what should i do now?

  36. soyed says : Reply

    i want to join in your in your group i am from bangladesh

  37. imran2 says : Reply

    hey ..bro how are u ? i already joined your tranning & running it…good job ur

  38. Alice Mafabi says : Reply

    Hi Masudul,
    I am already member of Traffic Monsoon and I want to get sign ups, I know you advise we contact our sponsors with their user name to give us the Training application, my sponsor knows nothing about it. In this case what should I do to join.

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Juliet EspirituMapúa Institute of Technology
Even if I'm a neophyte in doing online business, your video is well- defined... a superb presentation... easily understood for it is detailedly explained... looking forward to earning humongous amount of money just like you... million thanks for endowing me your kind support and loving concern... stay safe and happy always...
A good system which provides easy steps to take your advertising to new heights.
I would like to thank Masadul Kabir for sharing My Advertising Pays with me. I started out with all of my savings in the bank but have increased my income by an astounding annual income of $74,968.92 for the rest of my life. Masadul told me to stay focused and do not give up. I started on May 31, 2014 and will reach 1200 credit packs around September 5, 2015. I will be having a Maps Diamond Celebration wtih my family as I reach this milestone. Thanks for all of your time and support.
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